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CGC House began serving customers in the UAE region since 1990. Since that time, we have developed as a leading provider of design/build and interior remodeling services.

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Construction General Contracting House Special Grade Contractor with in-house Electro Mechanical Division and Transportation Division.

Main Contractor of Turnkey contracting, our core business covers the full spectrum of building construction and we are recognised as a specialist in markets, our specialty fields include:

  • Construction of all types of buildings
  • Infrastructure and civil works construction
  • Turnkey contracting
  • Value engineering

Fast-track project completion is also one of our specialties, assuring clients of consistently high standards within record time frames. Our highly effective management, accurate planning and resource deployment are key in making these projects possible. We carry a full team of tradesmen, skilled workmen and well experienced engineers and superintendents and maintain a full range of heavy construction equipment in our areas of operation. Such resources enable us to quickly mobilize into any area in the region and meet the varying requirements of the schedules our projects. Our advantage lies in our ability to bring solutions to our client’s requirements in all phases of project planning and execution. We offer full contracting services and have the flexibility to assist our clients by securing additional expertise for feasibility studies, preliminary designs, financing opportunities and joint venture partners for optimum project delivery.

Commited to Excellence


Engineering and Mechanical Drawings

Our quality sub-contractors are hired to meet your deadlines and avoid delays.


Site Evaluation and Development

Our experienced site development team will evaluate your pre-selected site and inform you early of any necessary cost of development on your site. This can often be done prior to the site purchase so as to avoid unnecessary expenses.



We will facilitate a round-table discussion with our sub-contractors and establish an accurate construction schedule early.


Foundation Drawings

We provide you with an accurate set of drawings detailing thickness and needed reinforcements to meet your specific site needs.


Technological/Electrical Coordination

We use our state-of-the- art experience to evaluate the electrical and technological needs of your computer and telecommunications systems



We are responsible for obtaining all the proper city and emirates permits for your project.



We will provide top quality, professional General Contracting services to our clients.


Future Need Projections

we will evaluate what your industry's needs could be in the coming years and make arrangements for expansions

Brief Construction Methodology

This is a brief outline of how CGC House Ltd. will execute a typical construction contract.
We realize the importance of time, quality and cost control in the execution of this project and would therefore target the following:

Good resource allocation

Adequate staffing

Proper scheduling

Adequate expenditures

Good authority/ responsibility/ direction system

Good record keeping

Adequate work procedure statement

Good communications and co-ordination

As part of overall business management, CGC House Ltd. has in place procedures to cover all activities that relate to or affect quality.

CGC House Ltd. has been a leader in the electro-mechanical components industry for over decade. The company is a leading designer and producer of precision, electro-deposited slip rings, related sliding contract devices and other electro-mechanical assemblies. CGC House provides optimum results.

CGC House is internationally recognized for producing the highest quality electro-mechanical products in the industry.

Over the decades CGC House has earned an outstanding reputation for high standards, quality and customer service.

The technical staff is comprised of highly skilled electronic and electro-mechanical engineers who specialize in sliding contact and high frequency transmission line technology. Our technical group is supported by a modem CAD/CAM system, a materials development lab, and an engineering prototype shop. We have developed a philosophy dedicated to solving our customer’s problems. This commitment to innovation and dedication to our customers is a way of life.

Brief Construction Methodology

Contract Review

As soon as a contract is awarded, the contract terms and conditions are reviewed in detail concerning full scope, unclear issues, requirement of manpower and equipment resources and any constraints affecting the execution of the job.


The tentative schedule submitted during tender (as applicable) is reviewed and a full detailed construction schedule is submitted to the client. Manpower and equipment staffing plans are also done at this stage.

Project Quality Plan

The contract quality requirements are fully incorporated into the Project Quality Plan, which will also contain the Inspection & Test Plan. The Inspection & Test Plan details the inspections to be carried out at critical stages, who is responsible, what is the acceptance criteria and the reference document to be used during works and inspection. It also identifies who is responsible and whether the inspection activities are HOLD points requiring the client to be present for the inspection and clearing of works.

The QC Check sheets completed at the end of all inspections serve as verifying records of successful compliance to the contract requirements. The Project Quality Plan is submitted to the Client as required by the contract.

Our Facilities

We utilize the latest technology to produce precision designed and engineered products. Our manufacturing operation is supported and complemented by our complete in-house design and fabrication capability to ensure that our customer’s specifications are met. Moreover, the entire operation is supported by our research, design and testing capabilities. With a proud tradition of product excellence combined with continuous upgrading and development, CGC House has emerged as a premier international electro-mechanical component and assembly manufacturer.

Procurement Control

Only approved materials are procured from acceptable suppliers and manufacturers. Materials procured are checked for acceptability and defective materials are not used in projects. Material Approvals, Order placement and deliveries are monitored and status is known at any given pointy of time.


Site clearance, General Survey, Obtaining Permits, Erection of Site facilities etc. are done during this period with due approvals are required from Client and the various authorities.

Material Submittals/ Shop Drawings & Method Statements

Material Technical Data Sheets/ Samples/ Shop Drawings are submitted for client approval sufficiently in advance. Method Statements are submitted for all specialist activities whose absence would affect quality of work.

Subcontracting Strategy

Only specialist activities are subcontracted which will allow the client to have the maximum value from the specialist expertise of the nominated subcontractor.

Document & Data Control

A co-ordination procedure is established based on contract requirements – on numbering of all documents like drawings, procedures, submittals, letters, faxes and minutes of meeting. A valid document register is released on a monthly basis, which would reflect all current and valid documents in the system – including drawings and other submittals.

Progress Monitoring / Co-Ordination

Senior management reviews daily, weekly reports and necessary actions are taken to arrest any slips noticed. Regular Meetings are conducted with the Client and the Site Staff and problems if any are sorted out.

Commercial Capabilities

Value Engineering

With a watchful eye on quality and longevity of the final product, CGCH is specialized in value engineering major projects to provide saving solutions for our clients. On our current project, The Bridges, we have saved over 20 Million AED for Aldar by prudently redesigning and substituting elements of the project.


Our solid financial position has helped us overcome even the most severe of cash flow setbacks in the turbulent times in which many of our rivals have struggled to overcome. A formidable advantage to have in an industry in which finance plays an indispensable role in the success of a main contractor.

Cost Reduction

Value Addition

Life cycle Analysis