The contract quality requirements are fully incorporated into the Project Quality Plan,   which will also contain the Inspection & Test Plan. The Inspection & Test Plan details   the inspections to be carried out at critical stages, who is responsible, what is the   acceptance criteria and the reference document to be used during works and inspection.   It also identifies who is responsible and whether the inspection activities are HOLD   points requiring the client to be present for the inspection and clearing of works. 

The QC Check sheets completed at the end of all inspections serve as verifying records   of successful compliance to the contract requirements. The Project Quality Plan is   submitted to the Client as required by the contract.  


We utilize the latest technology to produce precision designed and engineered products.   Our manufacturing operation is supported and complemented by our complete in-house   design and fabrication capability to ensure that our customer's specifications are met.   Moreover, the entire operation is supported by our research, design and testing   capabilities. With a proud tradition of product excellence combined with continuous   upgrading and development, CGC House has emerged as a premier international electro-  mechanical component and assembly manufacturer. 


CGC House employees represent some of the most respected and capable engineering   and manufacturing personnel in the industry, each with an outstanding commitment to   excellence.  


At CGC House, we have the people, the expertise, the experience and the desire to meet   your challenge and to satisfy your requirements, no matter how simple or complex. CGC   House has the capability to assist in solving your electro-mechanical problems from   design to delivery. At this moment, CGC House products are performing flawlessly.   Whether your requirement is one piece or thousands, our commitment is the same:   quality products, manufactured to precise specifications, delivered on time.  


Suitable and experienced personnel are nominated to any project. The key personnel are   made aware of their responsibilities and the contract requirements during the initial   induction training at the start of the project. 


Only approved materials are procured from acceptable suppliers and manufacturers.   Materials procured are checked for acceptability and defective materials are not used in   projects. Material Approvals, Order placement and deliveries are monitored and status is   known at any given pointy of time. 


Site clearance, General Survey, Obtaining Permits, Erection of Site facilities etc. are   done during this period with due approvals are required from Client and the various   authorities. 


Material Technical Data Sheets/ Samples/ Shop Drawings are submitted for client   approval sufficiently in advance. Method Statements are submitted for all specialist   activities whose absence would affect quality of work. 


Only specialist activities are subcontracted which will allow the client to have the   maximum value from the specialist expertise of the nominated subcontractor. 


A co-ordination procedure is established based on contract requirements – on numbering   of all documents like drawings, procedures, submittals, letters, faxes and minutes of   meeting. A valid document register is released on a monthly basis, which would reflect   all current and valid documents in the system – including drawings and other submittals.  


Senior management reviews daily, weekly reports and necessary actions are taken to   arrest any slips noticed.  Regular Meetings are conducted with the Client and the Site   Staff and problems if any are sorted out.