This is a brief outline of how CGC House Ltd. will execute a typical construction contract.

We realize the importance of time, quality and cost control in the execution of this

project and would therefore target the following:

  • Good resource allocation
  • Adequate staffing
  • Proper scheduling
  • Adequate expenditures
  • Good authority/ responsibility/ direction system
  • Good record keeping
  • Adequate work procedure statement
  • Good communications and co-ordination

As part of overall business management, CGC House Ltd. has in place procedures to cover all activities that relate to or affect quality. 

CGC House Ltd. has been a leader in the electro-mechanical components industry for over decade. The company is a leading designer and producer of precision, electro-deposited slip rings, related sliding contract devices and other electro-mechanical assemblies. CGC House provides optimum results. 

CGC House is internationally recognized for producing the highest quality electro-mechanical products in the industry. 

Over the decades CGC House has earned an outstanding reputation for high standards,quality and customer service. 

The technical staff is comprised of highly skilled electronic and electro-mechanical engineers who specialize in sliding contact and high frequency transmission line technology. Our technical group is supported by a modem CAD/CAM system, a  materials development lab, and an engineering prototype shop. We have developed a  philosophy dedicated to solving our customer’s problems. This commitment to  innovation and dedication to our customers is a way of life. 


As soon as a contract is awarded, the contract terms and conditions are reviewed in  detail concerning full scope, unclear issues, requirement of manpower and equipment  resources and any constraints affecting the execution of the job. 


The tentative schedule submitted during tender (as applicable) is reviewed and a full  detailed construction schedule is submitted to the client.  Manpower and equipment  staffing plans are also done at this stage.