We provide all of the followings:

  • Architectural Drawings - Our own in-house designer who is capable of providing you with a schematic set of drawings for your project.


  • Engineering and Mechanical Drawings - our quality sub-contractors are hired to meet your deadlines and avoid delays.


  • Site evaluation and development - Our experienced site development team will evaluate your pre-selected site and inform you early of any necessary cost of development on your site. This can often be done prior to the site purchase so as to avoid unnecessary expenses.


  • Schedule –We will facilitate a round-table discussion with our sub-contractors and establish an accurate construction schedule early.


  • Foundation Drawings -we provide you with an accurate set of drawings detailing thickness and needed reinforcements to meet your specific site needs.


  • Technological/Electrical Coordination – we use our state-of-the- art experience to evaluate the electrical and technological needs of your computer and telecommunications systems


  • Permits – We are responsible for obtaining all the proper city and emirates permits for your project.


  • Construction - we will provide top quality, professional General Contracting services to our clients.


Future Need Projections - we will evaluate what your industry's needs could be in the coming years and make arrangements for expansions

CGC House Ltd. has been a leader in the electro-mechanical components industry for over eight years. The company is a leading designer and producer of precision, electro-deposited slip rings, related sliding contract devices and other electro-mechanical assemblies. CGC House provides optimum results.

Over the years CGC House has earned an outstanding reputation for high standards, quality and customer service.
The technical staff is comprised of highly skilled electronic and electro-mechanical engineers who specialize in sliding contact and high frequency transmission line technology. Our technical group is supported by a modem CAD/CAM system, a materials development lab, and an engineering prototype shop. We have developed a philosophy dedicated to solving our customer’s problems. This commitment to innovation and dedication to our customers is a way of life.